Ukraine – Point of war

Ukrainian band “SOCIUM (UA)” presents project called “Ukraine – Point of war … (POW)”.

We have decided to create a song in English for all English-speaking world who could share our desire to be free from the usurper on our God-given land, including the truth of the events taking place in our country. Right now we need support from the outside, otherwise we will lose our force and our lands, as it happened with the Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk and the Black and Azov Seas. You must remember how 75 years ago Europe was destroyed and crippled! It all starts again and no one should be apart! World must know the true! Ukraine needs your help! Told about this song around the world! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!

“POW” created:
1. music – Dima Fedorko
2. text, vocal – Yura Kalinovskiy
3. vocal – Lesya Gurtovenko
4. bass – Dima Fedorko
5. rythm – Sergey Lanevich
6. solo – Vasya Bezmen
7. drum – Sasha Oleksiienko
8. pr-manager – Darina Sokolova
9. sound production – Yura Smirnov
10. sound record – Nikol music


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